Friday, August 07, 2009

Advice for Would-Be Librarians

Erin, the Library Scenester, likes talking to prospective librarians about the profession - one that she's fairly recently joined herself. She says this about her job:
I see my place as helping students on their educational journey. I want to help them become better, more educated and experiences citizens who can achieve their goals. I want their experience with the library to be a positive and beneficial one so that they will become library champions, utilizing their public libraries in the future and with their children, appreciating literature and reading, using technology to interact with the global community and being knowledgeable about the viewpoints of humanity. These are some of the things I hope to achieve.
The librarians at Gustavus are happy to answer your questions - even if we might not be quite so profound. Feel free to ask us anything you want to know about the field. We have experience in many different kinds of libraries and some of us graduated fairly recently. (Some of us . . . well, cataloging those clay tablets was done differently in my day, and when papyrus came along . . . )