Thursday, August 31, 2006

Attending Library Conferences

I am excited to be attending my very first Minnesota Library Association Annual Conference this year. I will be volunteering for all three days of the conference, but will also get to attend any conference sessions that don't interfere with helping out.

Does anyone have any tips for attending professional conferences like this? Is there anything I should know/be prepared for before I go?

I'd love to hear any tips, advice or anecdotes people have to share.

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Barbara said...

Great! One thing I would recommend is if a speaker says something that really interests you, go up and talk to them (if time and the crush of devoted fans allows). At my first ACRL conference I heard a paper that was brilliant, but the poor presenter had tech problems and it had obviously flustered him. I went up and asked afterwards if he wanted to go get a cup of coffee because I was really interested in what he had said. I think it cheered him up! We ended up being friends and I only realized later he was a Big Name and had published a bunch of books in the field.

Even Big Names like to talk about libraries so don't be shy. Some of the best stuff happens over a cup of coffee or standing in a hallway chatting.

I'll certainly look for you if I make it to MLA this year. Right now I'm trying to figure out how many people I promised library sessions. Eeek.