Thursday, October 19, 2006

Public libraryland

As many of you know, I am an academic librarian. However, I recently stepped into the public library world. Last week I was hired as the Sunday Library Supervisor at my local public library. I will work 12:30-5PM every other Sunday at this library serving as the librarian-in-charge and reference librarian.

It's been a fascinating experience so far. The reference and circulation desks are combined, so there's a lot of traffic. I check out books and check them in, too. I sign people up for computer use. I had my first fiction readers' advisory questions ever, as one elderly woman asked me to help her find read-alikes for the author Lauraine Snelling and one girl wanted stories about Halloween. And I have to get comfortable with the Dewey Decimal System!

I'll keep you informed about more of the differences that I notice as I work more. I also hope to comment on how this experience will improve the service I provide in the academic setting.

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Barbara said...

How interesting, Alec! I will be interested to hear whether you're able to bring any of the public library ideas back to the college library environment. I keep thinking there's a lot to learn from public libraries about patron service and creating an inviting space for users. On the other hand, I'll bet you're able to tell public library patrons aa lot about research tools that may be unfamiliar.