Saturday, March 01, 2008

Why I am a Librarian - more responses

I loved the Other Librarian's response to the "why I am a librarian" meme - starting from infancy and proceeding through the career. Six months into the first professional job, she finds these are what convinces her it was the right choice:
  • teen patrons saying hello out of a library context
  • helped someone through a serious health information inquiry
  • got a procrastinating student through a project due next weekend
  • found a weird object to classify and got it fixed nice and easy-like
  • saw a navigation issue with the website and found a logical way to fix it
Another great contribution to the meme is from Iris, the Pegasus Librarian. (Her blog is an excellent one to read if you're interested in academic librarianship.)

Slightly more prosaic is the twitter-style response that Julian provides - in only 140 characters.

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