Saturday, April 16, 2005

keeping up

Still processing all the buzz from the ACRL conference (yikes!) but meanwhile new things keep popping up on the Web. It's a big challenge of the profession to keep on top of it all, or at leas the bits that might turn out to be important, or just too cool to miss.

According to Publisher's Lunch, Random House (the parent of many, many US publishing houses) is finally talking to Google about digitizing their books for Google Print. They've been part of Amazon's Search Inside since it launched, but baulked when Google offered to make their front and backlist books full-text searchable. They'll run a pilot and take it from there.

If they decide to go ahead, it could be a big boost for searching book content in Google. But I have to wonder if it'll slow down the work they're doing in libraries.

Meanwhile, Google Maps has added amazing satellite images. Click on "satellite" in the upper right-hand corner. Zoom in and move in any direction using arrows. Hard to tell how current "current" is - but the refresh rate is amazing.

Some of us will visit Carelton College library next week to see how they're handling GIS - Geographic Information Systems. This way of working with information has enormous potential - it's exciting, but sometimes a little scary.


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