Sunday, April 10, 2005

Reports from the Front!

We're lucky to have Alec Sonsteby joining the blog. A Gustavus grad, he's currently a student at what a lot of folks would argue is the top-notch library program in the country, the LIS school at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. (I hear this a lot from those of my colleagues who got their degrees there...) Alec and I touched base at the ACRL conference in Minneapolis - it was good to catch up, even at a crazy-busy conference. I'm looking forward to more of his posts from grad school and in the job search. Nothing like having our very own front-line reporter.

One last thing - Alec was the person who I first heard use the word "blog" - this was quite a few years ago, so he was hip to this phenomenon when it was brand new.


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Alec said...

Thanks for the warm welcome, Barbara! I look forward to collaborating with you and Michelle in exploring current issues in librarianship. Unlike many other blogs about libraries or written by librarians, I think this collaboration makes this blog unique.

Readers: what makes this collaboration particularly interesting is that the current three contributors represent librarians at different stages in their careers. I'm still in library school and am looking for my first professional position. Michelle is in her sixth year of the profession. Barbara has been a librarian for over twenty years. Hopefully these varying perspectives will provide insight into this profession, whether you are contemplating it as a career or are a librarian already.