Saturday, January 26, 2008

Careerism or Career?

The Guardienne of the Tomes has an interesting post about her take on librarianship as a career - focusing especially on her radical lack of interest in advancing up the ladder and becoming a library director.
Director/deanship was never in my plan. I wanted to find an academic library where I could make an impact on the students and teach them some lifelong skills they'll actually use once most of that philosophy major is long forgotten, where every day would bring something different and where I could - within reason - make my own decisions about what I thought was important for a librarian to be involved in, and, like Nike says, "Just do it." I have that in my current position....

I suppose my question for all those who are pouring out the career advice would be, is there anything wrong with being happy where you are? Is that complacency, or just sanity?
I think "sanity" covers it nicely. And there's plenty of evidence of both her sanity and her commitment to the field in her post on teaching.

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