Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Federated searching with Google

Gary Price is reporting that libraries with compatible link resolving software can now provide direct links from article citations in Google Scholar to the full text in libraries' subscription article databases! Sweet! Thank you, Google!

Generally, I cringe when I hear the phrase federated search, but I am excited about this project. Still, I do have some concerns, which Gary expresses succinctly:

However, even as the Google Scholar database continues to grow, we still don't know precisely when or how often it's updated, the lag time (if any) for material to get into the database, and other important facts like what will or will not be included in the database. It would also be great if Google could provide a list of sources to which they are providing access.

If you are a student or faculty and a user of Google Scholar, be sure to set your preferences so that Google Scholar is aware you are affiliated with a participating library. Then, you'll be provided with links to the full text of articles indexed by Google Scholar if your library participates in this program and your library has a paid subscription to the databases(s) that contain the articles.

Librarians, read this page for more information.

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Barbara said...

Wow! This is mind-blowing. Like you, I have had reservations about federated searching (mainly because the words one may use in one field differ the language used by another) but if Google Scholar could tap into what we have in the library I think it would be amazing.

It also has implications for the information industries that are making me scurry around trying to find the pieces of my cranium after your post blew the top of my head off. Yes, I'm that impressed. This seems a HUGE development.