Monday, May 23, 2005

Where I Work

I work in Central Reference at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Here are some photos of the Reference Room:

(These photos are courtesy of some gentleman by the name of Oldtasty.)


Michelle said...

Those pictures brought back some great memories, Alec. Next week, the Gustavus library staff will be gathering to discuss "library as place." In preparation for the retreat, we're reading essays from a Council on Library and
Information Resources (CLIR) report. One of the essays (Geoffrey Freeman, "The Library as Place...") mentions that students "want their library to 'feel bigger than they are.'" Students want to be "part of the richness of the tradition of scholarship" and they want to "experience a sense of inspiration." I always thought the Reference Room at UIUC had those qualities - particularly after one had climbed up all those marble stairs to get there!

Michelle said...

Here's the link to that CLIR report.

Barbara said...

Another very interesting report put out by CLIR is by Scott Bennett, "Libraries Designed for Learning." He surveyed directors of libraries that had been either newly built or renovated in the 1990s and found that, though they were discovering interesting ways students were using the new spaces, that their planning tended to focus on library needs rather than how students learn. And he urges us all to think about learning first. He also points out that collections historically have squeezed out spaces for library users - which inspires me to become better at evaluating the collection and "weeding" it (getting rid of outdated or useless materials - yes, it sounds ruthless, but it's necessary).

The report is at