Monday, May 09, 2005

speaking of the Library of Congress...

I'm reminded of the time I spent doing a bit of research there. It's not the most user-friendly public library (you have to go to another building to get a card, and every block in DC seems ten times as long as blocks anywhere else - what's up with that?) but it's well worth it to use a phenomenal collection in this glorious reading room. You can't browse the stacks, except virtually through the catalog, but they bring the books straight to your personal desk. Makes you feel special.

Rooms like this - at the New York Public Library, the British Museum, or in the newly-renovated Suzzallo Library at the University of Washington (aka U Dub, which has its very own Red Square!) - are a little intimidating. They're so grand! But once you settle in and begin to feel at home, there's something very exciting about doing research in a public space like that is pretty amazing.


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